Eastern Officials Association (EOA) is dedicated to providing the highest quality officiating for all levels of competition in the greater Hampton Roads area, including parts of eastern Virginia and North Carolina.

Volleyball is a fast sport, in a contained area. Therefore, being able to visually follow the action and see small details is very important. Volleyball officials must always maintain alertness and focus during play so as not to miss a detail. Many calls in volleyball require swift judgement without hesitation, so a decisive nature and confidence are key attributes to have or develop. A volleyball official on average makes over 1,000 decisions in a match.

EOA provides professional officiating services to the NCAA, NCCAA, NJCAA, VHSL (public high schools) and VISAA (private high schools), public and private middle schools, all levels of indoor and outdoor recreational volleyball.

Our ranks of 100+ professional volleyball officials includes nationally rated USAV and NCAA officials.

Mary Kylander
Volleyball Commissioner


  • Volleyball Commissioner 2015 to Present
  • EOA: Volleyball; 2009 – present
  • USAV: 2009 – present; Junior National and National Scorer
  • Player/Coach; 1992 – 2009
  • PAVO: 2009 – present; State
  • Certified Line Judge and Scorer; 2017 – present


  • Athletic Director: 2006-2009
  • Teacher/Coach: 1998-2009; 2021